Zest Auto

When looking for a service center to maintain or repair your car, you have many choices.  There’s the new car dealership, your repair shop and many independent workshops.  With all of those choices, why take your vehicle to a Zest Auto ?

Zest Auto is the very best of independently-owned service centers. To qualify as a technician , each must pass a rigorous certification process, based on technical skill and customer service. And since quality repairs begin with quality parts, our service center feature the best replacement parts.

Think of our services as a stress reliever for your vehicle, your family and yourself. Bring your vehicle to  Zest Auto and experience the best technical repairs and customer service around.


Key & Computer Box Coding
C.O Settings
Vehicle Servicing
Resetting Services Reminders
Engine Overhauls
Clutch Overhauls
PC Diagnostics
In depth Diagnostics
Air Bag Modual Repairs done to all types of Vehicles
ECU Repairs
Key & ECU Coding for all VW including Golf 7
Mileage Correction
Component Protection
ECU Modification (Anti Theft)

Innovative Designs


Innovative Designs  is a local carpentry company based in Durban and proudly serve customers from the greater Durban Area

Here at Innovative Designs  we have more than 5 years of experience in restoration of historical furniture as well as extensive training and knowledge of European carpentry techniques. Our ultimate aim is to restore and replicate the amazing and intricate carpentry and joinery work made by the skilled craftsmen of the last centuries.

We work with our customers to understand their vision, from the most thorough renovation to the smallest repair job. We delight in offering all of customers, regardless of the size of the project, knowledgeable advice and service. We believe, that regardless of budget, everyone should be able to access true craftmanship and be able to maintain the character of their homes.

We are passionate about keeping the character and charm of historical homes alive. The use of real wood, instead of imitation products is a more natural and sustainable option for use in your house, as well as creating a more healthy living environment. We believe in the ethos that the greenest house is one already built and that sympathetic restoration is the most environmentally forward way of maintaining your home.

We also pride ourselves in injecting character into modern homes and creating focal points, enhancing the homes atmosphere.

Africa Design House


At Africa Design House, we specialize in listening. Once we’ve clearly outlined your goals for the project, we work together to create the new space you envision. We enjoy the challenge of working within your budget to best achieve the transformation you seek. And, unlike foreman-based companies, ADH‘s owner is hands-on, overseeing every last detail of your project.

Owned and operated by Muhammad Arabi since 2015, Africa Design House is a Durban, South African based design/build carpentry company specializing in residential and commercial remodels and renovations.

Muhammad, over 10 years experience, is a skilled carpenter as well as a talented designer. This combination makes Africa Design House uniquely qualified to blend the beautiful and practical, creating original spaces that fit our clients’ individual needs.

Our Site Manager, oversees operation at ADH. He wears many hats in his role.

His main focus is on building and maintaining customer relationships. He can often be found on the job site, making sure the clients are happy and that things are running smoothly from their perspective.

In the office, he handles all of the scheduling, invoicing, bill payments and bookkeeping.

In addition, Muhammad is a talented designer and enjoys working with clients on design features such as lighting, fixtures, flooring, counter tops and paint colors. Muhammad can organize new or existing space to make life less stressful and more enjoyable for her clients.

Our subcontractors are an integral part of our business model. Our vendors are all locally owned and operated and work together on every job that we do. That consistency allows for the communication between the subs, the contractor and the client that is so very important to ensure quality work.