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Global Designs

Global Designs & Print is a young, dynamic, professional, highly motivated and highly skilled design team with advertising experience across various spectrums and categories within the industry - injecting new life into the design & print arena.

We are driven by desire for excellence not only in creative design but above all in innovative thinking. A South African company with an international approach. Helping you to navigate challenging terrain, seeing ahead and creating products and services that will shape the future. We pride ourselves on having the technical expertise to ensure that our design will carry through to print seamlessly without sacrificing creativity for the sake of print restrictions.

Our belief is to form a lasting and professional relationship with our clients and put a high value dependability and consistency of performance. Global Designs & Print is a print and design solutions company. We bring a knowledge of the digital age, along with marketing savvy and experience, to provide complete solutions to our customers. Further, we pride ourselves in assisting companies by helping them define their needs.

We will strive to understand what your company does and provide solutions and direction, working within your existing advertising programme or assist you in seeking new directions. Regardless of your needs, be it basic printing and graphics, to a full scale modern publishing scheme. We employ experienced, talented people who take pride in there work and who are committed to providing our customers with high quality products in the fastest, most economical way. Managers stay close to each project, continuously looking for ways to improve the process. We love new challenges and believe that no problem is too difficult to tackle - we're ready to react creatively to solve your problems. To put it simple, we will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Short delivery times, shorter print runs and highest quality standards characterise the industrial/commercial print market. Differentiation in the market can be achieved by pronounced customer orientation and consistently high productivity. A high level of automation, networked production processes and dependable cost control to ensure your company’s competitiveness now and in the future.